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Survey from travel site finds over one in ten holiday flirters even met their spouse whilst on holiday

As we head towards the summer holidays, what are the chances you’ll have a holiday romance?

Statistics from travel search site momondo.co.uk show this might be more likely than you think, with more than one in four Brits stating they’ve had a holiday romance or flirtatious experience with a stranger on holiday, during at least one point in their lives.

And astoundingly, 11 % of holiday flirters questioned met their current spouse on vacation, and 4% of holiday flirters met a former spouse, whilst away.

We feel different on holiday
This is largely down to the fact we feel more relaxed and content on our breaks. momondo’s survey results showed 64% of Brits feel happier and more positive, and 24% become more social, on holiday.

And increased sociability even translates to the bedroom for some, with many Brits stating they have an increased desire for sex on holiday. And this goes for 19 % of men and 14 % of women.

“When people go off on their holidays they often turn off ‘work mode’ and start enjoying life – smiling more, being more adventurous and generally feeling happy. When people are happy on the inside, they project this outwardly and, in return people are attracted to them. It’s no wonder more and more people are finding romance on holiday – it’s when we are at our best and projecting the very best image of ourselves,” states Romance Expert Tiffany Wright.

“But it’s not just how we come across on holiday that attracts romance. Who wouldn’t want to find the love of their lives whilst surrounded by palm trees and Pina Coladas? Many single people who head on holiday do so in the hope they might have their ‘Shirley Valentine’ moment and find the love of their lives. Perhaps they start to dress more attractively? After all, everyone knows how romantic and exciting a holiday romance can be? And what better place to find love than in paradise?” says Wright.

Spokesperson at momondo, Julie Pedersen, states it is important for many Brits to relax whilst away, and as a result meeting new people can play a significant role:

"When we book a trip to another country, we automatically open our minds to new experiences. These may come by visiting different places, or indeed via meeting new people, within these places. Free from the humdrum of life back home, we take more time to savour the moment on holiday, drinking in the destination, and chatting to fellow travellers or locals alike. It fits then, that romantic encounters may follow if both parties are in the mood! These can form great holiday memories or even for some long-term partnerships.”

(Respondents were allowed to select multiple answers)

26% of Brits have had a holiday romance or romantic experience with a stranger on holiday
11% of Brits that flirted on holiday met their current spouse whilst away
4% of Brits that flirted on holiday met a former spouse whilst away
23% of Brits find meeting new people most important to have a good holiday
64% of Brits feel happier and more positive on holiday
19 % of British men and 14 % of British women have an increased desire for sex on holiday
48% of Brits feel a holiday is good for their health
24% of Brits become more social on holiday


About the study:
The analysis was prepared by momondo. The analysis deals with British travel habits and trends. Data was collected through an e-survey by Research Now's panel during the period 9 to 19 January 2014. 1,000 interviews were collected among Brits aged 18-65 years and representatively distributed according to gender, age, education and region, and then weighted.

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About momondo:
Travel search engine www.momondo.co.uk finds and compares billions of prices on flights, hotels and travel deals. momondo was launched in 2006 and has been recommended by international media, such as the New York Times, CNN, NBC, CBS, The Daily Telegraph, and The London Sunday Times, as well as the legendary travel guru Arthur Frommer. momondo has won many awards, including a flight comparison test in 2012 by Stiftung Warentest, Germany’s independent product and services review. momondo’s mobile applications are available for free for iPhone, Android and Blackberry.

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