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It’s October half term next week for most Brits – typically a time the whole family goes away together.

However global travel brand momondo.co.uk found in a survey of 1,000 Brits, just 3% stated they prefer to travel with their parents-in-law.

And of this 3%, almost two thirds were male, compared to just over a third female. This suggests even fewer women like travelling with their in-laws, than do men.

In fact in comparison, more Brits surveyed by momondo prefer to travel alone – 6% of all surveyed. This percentage was made up of 8% of men asked and 5% of women.

Slightly more Brits prefer to travel with their own parents - 13% of the total of those questioned. Of this figure, momondo found more women prefer to travel with their own parents than do men – for 18% of women asked liked to travel with their parents, compared to just 7% of men surveyed.

Spouses and children get the ticket
In contrast, 64% of Brits surveyed prefer to travel with their partner or spouse – which was roughly the same for men and women across the board. And 30% of Brits questioned prefer to travel with their children. Although more women prefer the company of their offspring, at 60%, compared to a lower 40% of men.

Friends were also preferred travel companions for 29% of Brits questioned by momondo. However, more women preferred holidaying with their buddies than men, at 34% against 25% respectively.

Lasse Skole Hansen, Travel Spokesperson at momondo states: “It is fair to say our survey uncovered some home truths about family dynamics, when it comes to going away. Without reverting too much to stereotype, it seems the age-old label of the ‘nagging in-laws’ must still hold some truth today, as just a very small percentage of 3% of those we surveyed, like to travel with their in-laws. Taking trips overseas is all about experiencing the unknown, so it makes sense that Brits tend to prefer partners, spouses or friends as fellow travellers, to perhaps make for a more chilled break.”


Manage expectations
When travelling with kids, everything usually takes a bit longer than anticipated; getting around, visiting the museum, finding your way through the metro. Make sure to leave a little longer time planned for each activity, and parents might get the surprise of having some unexpected extra time, which can be used for “me time”.

Make clear arrangements with your partner
If travelling with a partner; make sure you have clear arrangements. If you need extra “me time”, communicate this to your partner and have clear understandings about who is taking care of the children, when. It sounds a bit unglamorous, but it can be a good idea to have a schedule for who’s allowed “me time” when, so you can stroll off without feeling guilty.

Getting easier through the airport
In peak periods during the school holidays, some airports open a special family lane at security checkpoints. This is reserved for families with children and helps create a relaxing start to the holiday. This can also help parents get in to holiday mode; looking at shops in the airport or finding a good coffee shop.

Stay centrally in the city
It's a good idea to find a hotel with a central location, to work as a base for naps and siestas. On momondo.co.uk you can search hotels by location, so you're sure to find a hotel that accommodates the whole family's needs. When your partner and the kids are napping, you can take time out in the city and don’t have to spend time on transport – you can spend time doing the things you like the most.


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About momondo (UK):
momondo.co.uk is a free, independent and global travel search site that compares billions of prices on flights, hotels, car hire and holiday rentals. Headquartered in Copenhagen, momondo serves travellers across 29 international markets. momondo’s mobile applications are available for free for iPhone, Android and Blackberry. To download the momondo press pack, please click here.

About the study:
The survey focused on British travel habits and trends. Data was collected through an e-survey by Research Now's panel during the period 9-19 January 2014. 1,000 British people (493 men and 507 women), aged between 18-65 years were questioned, split by evenly by gender, age, education-level and region. A wider survey was also conducted among consumers in a total of 12 countries, Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Finland, Germany, France, Spain, Italy, Holland, England, Russia and the US.

* Please note those surveyed were free to select more than one answer for these questions.

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